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February 01, 2024 2 min read

I thought I would talk about traveling in my size 24 body. What I do to make space for myself.  Travel and experiencing the world is such a privilege and it really makes me feel alive.  Seeing other ethnicities and cultures is really special, the languages, food, religions and the architecture.  Personally I love going off the beaten track, seeing how people live and learning the history of a place and enjoying the natural beauty of other countries. These magical experiences make it all worth it. 

Traveling in a Large Fat body can come with barriers.  As a tall Fat blonde woman I'm often stared at, and people take photos of me.  I'm often idealised in the countries I visited recently because of the view that fat = wealth and health.  There are limitations - sometimes chairs don't fit my bum.  But I've found people are more and more accommodating.  More so than in New Zealand. They will pull the table out and offer different chair options.  It's really cool actually. 

1 - Also always travel with a trusted friend or partner.  It really helps with feeling comfortable and confident.

2 -  Booking/Seating.  I always pay for a window seat which gives me extra room  (on Air New Zealand the arm rest next to the window often folds up).  I also find if you get the correct row and the window is by your shoulder that gives you extra room also. (Trying to make yourself shrink in your seat is a horrible feeling on a long flight).

I also check in early and ask for a seat with no one next to me if possible and say "because I'm Fat"  (which sort of shocks them in to helping).  

3 - I also have an aeroplane seatbelt extender.  Airlines legally need you to use their ones, but haven't been asked to very often.  I enjoy the ease of not having to ask for one but if I do have to ask, I find asking as I walk on to the plane is best.

5 - I always have plane clothing.  So I'm super comfortable. I take my bra off and take socks for snuggly feel and slip on shoes for the toilet. The Master dress and leggings are my go to.  Not see through and stretchy and so comfy.

5 - Clothing shopping is a non event all over the world. Which makes me so sad. But don't be afraid to ask if anything will fit.  My sister picked up some great dresses and I found a lovely kimono and I always come back with some really cool shoes and homeware.  

Never let size stop you from seeing the world.  Though it can be a lot of work to stand tall and confident in my body I won't let it stop me experiencing life. Life is way too short. I also believe as more plus size babes travel, the easier it will become.  We have to take up space to make the way for the change.  

In saying all that I LOVE coming home.  Nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

Safe travels