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Plus Size @ NZ Fashion Week

November 01, 2023 1 min read

New Zealand Fashion Week Profile: LalA Lost And Led Astray

The second designer Sans Pareil had the pleasure of supporting this Fashion Week is none other than Lost And Led Astray. 

Designer Sarah-Jane Duff, began the label in 2014 when she found the NZ fashion industry lacked clothing for her body type, which was also the body type of many other women, while still being high-fashion.

The two things I love about LaLA is firstly that the clothing goes up to plus size but that isn’t the focus like so may other plus size brands. the primal focus is that it’s amazing clothes, designed and made in New Zealand that are inclusive of all bodies.

The second thing I love is Sarah-Jane’s out-spoken activism in positive-body image. She openly describes herself as ‘fat’ and doesn’t see it as a negative term. Sarah-Jane is so bad-ass that I actually met her because she printed the word FAT on t-shirts in big, block writing. As soon as I saw them at a fashion show I knew I needed one and that’s how we met! the designer has gone on to be the founder of fat-yoga which is a safe-space for plus sized women to practice yoga.

LaLA designs are also always completely gorgeous and flattering with her love of dark colours mixed with vibrant patterns, flowing cuts and sheer materials.